OpenWISP Support Channels

Need help? You can get in touch with us through different channels, depending on the nature of your question. See below.

Mailing list

The mailing list is the preferred channel for support requests, discussing ideas, feature requests and discussions which require the participants to stay on-topic.

Join the OpenWISP Mailing List


For quick questions you can reach us in the OpenWISP General chat.

Since we're on different timezones, it may happen that nobody can answer your question while you're active in the chat.
If that happens, try to send the same to question to the mailing list, which allows a more asynchronous communication.

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If you are a developer, you may also want to open an issue or a pull request on github. See also contributing.

OpenWISP on Github

Commecial support

If you need commercial support you can write to

Contact Commercial Support

Reporting security issues

If you want to report a security issue in OpenWISP please write to

Report security issues