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OpenWISP Features

OpenWISP is a network management system that allows managing and automating several aspects of a network:

The server side application is modular and highly extensible, programmable and hackable.

The web modules are built with Django which is notoriously easy to extend and has a rich ecosystem of reusable components which can be used to create networking applications that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

Its configuration engine which generates the configuration for routers and networking devices is written in Python and based on NetJSON.
At the moment only OpenWRT is supported for production usage, but an experimental configuration backend for Ubiquiti AirOS is also available. Moreover, the engine allows writing custom configuration backends to support any type of network OS which allows remote configuration.

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OpenWISP Controller

This video shows how OpenWISP can be used as a network controller and wifi controller.

Configuration Templates

Auto Registration

Geographic and Indoor Map

VPN and x509 Certificates

Network Topology

Other modules on our roadmap

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